Harvest 2008

Larkmead Vineyards

The 2008 growing season was difficult, with 100 degree days every month reaching back as far as May and the worst frost season recorded in 30+ years. It caused a lot of variability and we saw smaller than normal cluster sizes and crop yields. However, the quality of 2008 from what we have seen so far in tank is outstanding.

Of the 103 producing acres this year, 60 of them are planted to Cabernet. Thus Cabernet led the charge with 58% of harvested grapes. Sauvignon Blanc came in second at 18% and Merlot in third at 12.5%. Ten grape varieties were harvested this year, including our 120+ year old Tocai and our oldest vine Cabernet, A6, at 23 years. This was our first harvest of Viognier and the wine will be a welcomed addition to our Sauvignon Blanc program.

Larkmead began harvest on August 15th with Sauvignon Blanc and finished on October 15th with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. We started and finished in the C-Block. Almost in a complete circle, with C8c (Sauvignon Blanc) and C11 (Cabernet) bordering each other.

  • 122 Estate Tons Picked
  • 16 Pick Days
  • 22 Individual Fermentations

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